Carefully Constructed Design


Klassen Corporation’s architectural division provides a comprehensive range of professional services tailored to exceed the unique needs of your project.

Understanding your goals and objectives is the most important part of what we do. We have assembled a staff of architects with specialized skill in the design of industrial structures, office complexes, and food processing facilities in addition to primary, secondary and higher learning facilities.

Our project teams are able to blend architect principles with your needs to generate a carefully constructed design appropriate just for you.

For more than 40 years, our team has successfully served businesses in Central California producing exceptional designs for the medical, educational, commercial and industrial sectors.

Architecture Services


Studies are done to analyze space requirement issues, the constraints and opportunities of the proposed site, and the cost versus the budget.

Schematic Design

An initial design scheme that seeks to define the general scope and conceptual design of the project including scale and relationships between building components.

Design Development

The primary purpose is to define and describe all important aspects of the project so that all that remains is the formal documentation step of construction contract documents.

Construction Documents

The drawings and specifications an architect and/or engineer provides to describe construction requirements for a project.

Bid Negotiations

The process of submitting a proposal (tender) to undertake, or manage the undertaking of a construction project. The process starts with a cost estimate from blueprints and material take offs.

Construction Contract Administration

Involves making decisions and gathering information in a timely flow to enable completion of the project as required by the contract documents. This includes review and observation of the construction project.