The fourth re-use of our high school campus design was for Delano Joint Union High School District, which was approved by the Division of the State Architect in 2001.

Completed and open for students in the fall of 2003, the circular orientation of the major structures on the campus site provides efficiencies of accessibility and creates geometric harmony. The school has 84 classrooms with 79 teaching stations to accommodate a comprehensive educational curriculum for 2,350 students. It incorporates the latest technology components including LAN and fiber optic backbone for communications systems and Internet access. Buildings feature overhangs to address different exposures to sunlight and exploit energy conservation for heating and cooling systems. In the campus central quad large landscape areas allow students to mingle, visit friends, enjoy the fresh air and freedom of open space.

The 600-seat Performing Arts Theatre is equipped with stage sound and acoustic system. The rising skeleton with the framing partially completed, with four imposing columns in front of the entrance of the Performing Arts Building begins to outline the shape of one of the major structures of the new campus.

The largest structure on the new campus is the sports complex.  It provides separate facilities for both boy’s and girl’s indoor athletic activities each equipped with its own locker rooms and showers for the students. This permits practice sessions and interscholastic competitions to proceed concurrently.  The architectural design provides crisp definition of both the north and south side of the façade; which is interrupted by eight vertical pilasters that add emphasis to the forty- foot height of the structure.

The administrative and communication center of the school is the administration building. It serves as the grand portal to the 45-acre academic campus and houses the principal and his staff, the dean of students and counselors, the finance department and the offices of the associated student body government. The attendance office is adjacent to the quad, which allows students to enter under an inviting, covered portico.

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