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Design + Build

A Synergistic Approach

The design/build method of delivery continues to be the best return on your investment. The ability to retain one firm for all design and construction needs is an attractive strategy for clients wishing to streamline communications, reduce costs and increase efficiencies. As a multi-discipline firm, Klassen Corporation takes great pride in its unique ability to provide clients with complete in house design/build services.

With proven expertise in architecture, construction, and project management; we have developed a “dream team,” who together provide a unified synergistic approach to project development. This is evident in the constructability of designs, the precision of schedules and subsequent deliverables; the accuracy of budgets and final project costs.


Single-source contractual responsibility for the project

Professional Team

Project team assembled from one firm, not a joint-venture.

Managed Projects

Managed by master builder architect and constructor.

Proven Stats

Proven improvements on overall project costs and production times.


Streamlined communications between owner and project management.

Professional Relation

We practice professional relations between design and construction staff.