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Arroyo Grande Retail

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  • Commercial

Klassen Corporation was commissioned by Grand & Elm Partners, LLC to construct a complete shopping center upgrade and modernization including the remodel of five existing buildings (69,481 sq. ft.), and construction of three new buildings (15,957 sq. ft.) located on the SW corner of E. Grand Ave. and Elm St. in Arroyo Grande, CA.

The new shopping center is a 7.26 acre modernization of the previous commercial shopping center that was originally constructed in 1953. The state-of-the-art shopping center construction activities were completed while keeping four of the existing lease tenants open for business. Off-site improvements include perimeter sidewalk, landscaping, road and median improvements, removing existing overhead utilities, and replacing overheads with new underground utility connections. On-Site improvements include all new sewers, fire & domestic water, gas, electrical utility infrastructure installation, earthwork & grading for new buildings, all new Site Lighting, and Parking.

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